Design for Diversity

Comprehensive space with Contract spaces

Forty is not new to the industry

and that is our strength. 

With solid roots, we have launched this brand focused on the world of Contract. A commitment to trends, solving needs and a look to the future, ensuring that our designs continue to spark interest.

Thanks to The Design Room & Hotel Ritz, Madrid, for the welcome. 

We had the pleasure of taking you to our exclusive exhibition in one of the most emblematic places and representatives of the capital.  




for restaurants, 

for house, 

for hotel, 

for work, 

for meeting, 

for diversity, 

for you,


We lay the foundation for future growth

FORTY reflects a history of excellence in design and innovation. Our team and commitment to constant evolution have led us to where we are today: creating pieces that last and enrich spaces, your space, your project.

Modular seating


It's not just a table

Is it just a table? 

What if we add Charis & Darcy?⁠ 

Let your imagination flow. ⁠

Forty Catalog

Download the complete Forty catalog and learn about all its series